Bringing back the MidMod blog

by George Schwab

Well folks, it’s literally been years since we’ve last posted a MidMod blog. The early days of MidMod had both my mother & father (George Sr. & Barbara) posting their thoughts and sharing some of their knowledge. But keeping the blog going was a lot of work while also trying to run a vintage mid-century modern furniture business. Other things got prioritized: restoration projects for clients, acquiring new inventory, shooting and listing products, and the list goes on. So we let it slide, and the time flew by. Since my father passed away a couple years ago I’ve taken a more active role running the business with my mom Barbara. It’s been a lot of hard work but also incredibly rewarding working side-by-side with her.

When the pandemic first hit we thought there was no way our business would survive, so we knuckled down and to our surprise we not only survived, we thrived. Together over these many months we’ve grown the business in ways we had only ever really dreamed of. I feel like we’re finally in a place where we can dedicate a little bit of time each week to sharing some content with you. Truth be told, I’m not totally sure what each week will bring

but I have some ideas…

    • tips on restoring mid-century modern furniture

    • more of our favorite mid-century modern designers and why we think their great

    • possible interviews with other Danish & Mid-Century furniture experts

  • and hopefully more.
I'm totally open to suggestions though. I want the MidMod blog to be valuable to our readers and clients. What do you want to know about mid-century modern furniture? About us? Our process? Send us an email or a DM on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to hear from you on what topics or questions you might have.

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