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  1. Exploring Folke Ohlsson: A Mid-Century Modern Design Icon

    This week, I would like to take a moment to discuss the influential work of Swedish-born designer Folke Ohlsson (1919-2003), a renowned figure in m...
  2. Kai Kristiansen in the MidMod Decor Shop

    Kai Kristiansen's designs have become some of the most famous pieces to be created in the mid part of the 20th century. His name has become synonym...
  3. MidMod and Kofod

    Short Bio: After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark, Ib Kofod Larsen designed industrial products and furniture for G-Plan a...


  1. George sitting in a Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair designed by Milo Baughman

    Bringing back the MidMod blog

    by George Schwab

    Well folks, it’s literally been years since we’ve last posted a MidMod blog. The early days of MidMod had both my mother & father (George Sr. &...
  2. MidMod and Labor Day

    MidMod and Labor Day

    by George Schwab

    MidMod and Labor DayEach week Barbara and I write a this blog to try to share our thoughts and ideas related to our love of MidCentury Modern furni...
  3. Finding Edmund Jorgensen

    Finding Edmund Jorgensen

    by George Schwab

    Finding Edmund JorgensenAbout a year ago Barbara and I found two rosewood coffee tables that had ceramic tiles set into the entire top. They were i...

How To

  1. Color is Challenging

    Color is Challenging

    by Barbara Schwab

    Color is ChallengingOne of the hardest challenges of room design is picking a color palette.You may have bright colors you are attracted to, or per...
  2. Displaying art – from off to right on.

    Displaying art – from off to right on.

    by Barbara Schwab

    Focal point is the single painting by Nils Nixon in Claes Schalling's apartment.The Elizabeth chairs / model U-56 designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen and ...
  3. Tricks for making your small space larger

    Tricks for making your small space larger

    by Barbara Schwab

    I live in a small space with lots of stuff- we like to collect things. One of the ways to handle having lots of treasures is the effective use of w...

Styling with Mid Century Modern

  1. MCM Field Trip

    MCM Field Trip

    by Barbara Schwab

    It was our recent pleasure to visit a good friend’s beautiful home and document his fabulous collection of mid century modern furniture in Rydal Pe...
  2. Is There Value in Names?

    Is There Value in Names?

    by George Schwab

    Is There Value in Names?To answer my own question right off, yes.Have you ever heard of The Beatles, Billy Joel, Rolex, Tiffany or Faberge’? Do you...
  3. Using Primary Color Palettes

    Using Primary Color Palettes

    by Barbara Schwab

    Continuing the discussion on using color palettes in interior design, let’s further explore the use of Primary colors.Often primary colors in the c...

Modern Style

  1. Hot Rod Modern

    Hot Rod Modern

    by George Schwab

    One of the most enduring aspects of mid century American culture is the idea of the hot rod automobile. When the boys came home from the war they w...
  2. Art Trends - Not!

    Art Trends - Not!

    by Barbara Schwab

    "Top 5 Art Trends of 2015 In the market for some new artwork to fill your home…"  The headline of this story from Dot & Bo makes me uneasy. Thi...
  3. Sets and NonSets in MidCentury and Danish Modern Furniture

    Sets and NonSets in MidCentury and Danish Modern Furniture

    by George Schwab

    Top: A matching dining set.In the MidCentury and Danish Modern furniture market today and in the past there is a premium price paid on matching se...